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Helping Business Fulfil Their Duty Of Care

We currently clean a variety of businesses, including multi-sized offices, Doctors surgeries, factories, industrial premises, leisure facilities and retail premises. Whatever your company size or cleaning needs, we have the knowledge and expertise to tailor a cleaning program to satisfy your individual requirements.

After 25 years providing cleaning services to businesses across Devon and Cornwall we know there are three key components to establishing an effective cleaning regime:

  1. Well trained reliable staff

    All our staff receive comprehensive training tailored to the setting in which they are working. For example, cleaning a floor in an industrial unit requires very different training to the high-level infection control cleaning of a surgical theatre.

    Our staff are DBS checked where necessary and supported by mobile teams to cover holidays or sickness. Our induction training covers generic health and safety, company quality standards and of course site-specific cleaning routines.

  2. Appropriate cleaning products and equipment

    The right cleaning materials and equipment allow our staff to complete their task to a very high standard. The correct equipment is essential for both the end result and time taken to perform a particular cleaning task. As a business, we have learned that investing in the right equipment not only produces a better result, but also allows us to price a particular job more competitively.

    In addition to the right equipment we select the relevant cleaning products for the task in hand; preventing damage to surfaces, staff and the environment caused by inappropriate and harmful chemicals.

  3. Effective contract management

    We achieve this by appointing a contract manager for every contract we take on. They are responsible for the smooth running of the cleaning service and become your point of contact. They will complete monthly audits of the cleaning routine and feedback their findings to both you and our staff.

It’s our job to make you look good

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What do we do?

  • We Sanitise kitchen and food preparation areas, cleaning microwaves, fridges and other appliances, using food safe sanitisers tested to kill common food poisoning bugs like E.coli, salmonella and listeria as well as bacteria and viruses like SARS and Norovirus.

  • We vacuum all floor areas, then mop hard floors using detergents and or chlorine based floor cleaners.

  • Desks and other flat surfaces are cleaned with a virucidal and bactericidal cleaner ensuring they not only look clean but are also free from other unseen contaminants.

  • Bins are emptied and where established we follow waste segregation systems helping businesses to maintain and improve their recycling policies.

  • Door handles and other hand touch areas are sanitised to help promote good infection control.

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