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Safety First

We do not need to use ladders, scaffolding or access platforms, since water fed poles provide excellent access for window cleaning.

This means our cleaners are safer in their role and not struggling with hand tools whilst up a ladder or using other access equipment.

Environmentally friendly

Water fed poles use purified water, which has been deionised. Unlike all other types of window cleaning, there is no need for soaps or detergents, which would eventually be washed away into the environment. There is also very little water wastage as the water for each job is prepared and stored on our vans.


Water fed pole window cleaning means our guys never see in through upstairs windows and are usually a metre or two away from ground floor windows. Your privacy is assured and there is need to worry about what the brush might see.

Traditional Window Cleaning

We use the latest technology, cleaning products and safe systems of work to produce a clean, streak free result.

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Purified Water, Reach & Wash Window Cleaning System

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates the use of ladders, scaffolding or hydraulic platforms.

  • Spot free cleaning.

  • Health & Safety friendly.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Frames cleaned as well as glass.


Window cleaning with the Pole System is health & safety friendly and gives an excellent, spot free finish. Because no ladders, scaffolding or hydraulic platforms are required, window cleaning can be carried out quickly and with ease.

The World Looks Better Through Clean Windows

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