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Fully Compliant With The NHS Specification For Cleanliness

We currently provide daily cleaning services to Doctors surgeries and Surgical centres, maintaining full compliance with the national specification for cleanliness in the NHS. As part of our normal routine we work closely with infection control nurses, practice managers and surgical managers to ensure our cleaning standards are maintained and where possible improved.

Meeting The Cleaning Requirements Of The NHS

How do we do this?

We produce site specific cleaning schedules with daily sign off records for staff to confirm they have followed the precise cleaning schedule.

The cleaning standard is then audited on a regular basis to ensure cleaning standards are maintained. The regular audit is also recorded with any findings actioned immediately the same day.

Swab Testing

Swab testing to measure ATP levels is a service some of our current surgeries have found beneficial when evidencing their infection control and cleaning standards to CQC inspectors. This testing service is available as part of our monthly audit of individual sites or as a standalone service. 

medical deep cleaning swab testing

We are able to provide out of hours deep cleans to surgical areas to avoid disruption to operation scheduling.

Fogging System

We have recently invested in a fogging system, which offers a deep cleaning and sanitising solution for most premises. This system works by vaporising a specialist chemical to fill a room or building with a sanitising "fog".

The “fog” irreversibly binds to, penetrates and immobilises bacteria, viruses and fungi so that they cannot replicate, leaving surfaces disinfected and safe to use.

Once this solution has dried onto a surface it creates a barrier, which protects that surface for at least 30 days. More information on this can be found on our infection control page.

All staff are DBS checked and sign confidentiality agreements to protect both staff and patients alike. They are given comprehensive induction training, as well as on-going support, keeping them up to date with new cleaning technologies and standards.

Within the health care setting, staff are given additional training on CQC fundamentals, infection control, along with the use of bactericidal and virucidal cleaning products.

We offer a competitive hourly rate, currently cleaning eight General Practice surgeries and a surgical centre.

In addition to the daily cleaning routine, we are also able to offer additional services such as carpet cleaning, Fogging, window cleaning and steam cleaning. 

These additional services can be scheduled as part of a daily, weekly or monthly routine or can simply be requested as and when required.

Ensuring The Highest Standards In Hygiene

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