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Window Cleaning Services in Devon, Cornwall & the South West.
We are able to offer a window cleaning solution to suit your requirements – from a single storey to windows up to 20 metres from ground level.

By using both traditional Window Cleaning methods and a unique Purified Reach and Wash Water-fed Pole cleaning system for tall buildings, we offer a comprehensive and safe service. Our pole system will reach up to 15 Metres / 45 ft. We clean windows inside & out (where safely accessible) and produce full risk assessments and method statements for each & every location.

Gutter Cleaning Services in Devon, Cornwall and the South West.
We have recently invested in a powerful gutter vacuum which when combined with the reach and wash system leaves gutters clear for rainwater to flow and spotless on the outside. The Reach and wash system removes algae and dirt build up leaving gutters looking fresh and clean. The gutter vacuum clears leaves, twigs, pine needles, grit and composted matter that results in a sludge build up which eventually blocks the gutter. In addition to the gutter vacuum we are able to video both before and after to show both the blockage/cause of water overflow and also the end product with water flowing as it should along the gutter and into the down pipes.

Purified Water, Reach & Wash window cleaning system:
Key Benefits:
  • Eliminates the use of ladders, scaffolding or hydraulic platforms
  • Spot free cleaning
  • Health & Safety friendly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Frames cleaned as well as glass


Traditional Window Cleaning:

We use the latest technology, cleaning products and safe systems of work to produce a clean, streak free result.

Window cleaning with the Pole System is health & safety friendly and gives an excellent, spot free finish. Because no ladders, scaffolding or hydraulic platforms are required, window cleaning can be carried out quickly and with ease.