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Graffiti on a wall
We can remove graffiti from internal and external surfaces by utilizing a variety of different products and processes, including eco-friendly removers and high temperature water. We will respond rapidly, and ensure that the graffiti is removed and your building is treated with the correct method for the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Most graffiti is made by either permanent marker pen or spray paint from a can. New graffiti is easier to remove as it has had less time to dry properly and stain the surface. Also, small areas of graffiti are often added to so it’s best to remove graffiti as quickly as possible.

  • We use non-hazardous graffiti and environmentally friendly removers.
  • Guarantee to remove graffiti attacks from any type of porous or non-porous surface.
  • Fast and efficient services at any time convenient to you.
graffiti on a shop door
Graffiti on a building

Anti graffiti coatings

There are two main types of protective coatings available. Coatings are particularly useful when there are repeated attacks on natural surfaces.

Sacrificial – These coatings will be removed along with the graffiti, often with the assistance of a mild chemical and low pressure water blasting. After the removal procedure is completed it is necessary to re-coat the surface with the protective coating.

Non-Sacrificial – These coatings remain on the surface after the graffiti removal process has been completed and will continue to protect the surface.